Odeur was founded by Art director and Designer Petter Hollström in Stockholm in 2006 as a brand experiment. By replacing the traditional word-based logo- type with a brand specific scent that is infused in the garments, Odeur was able to become the label with a non-visual logotype. The scent is described as white, clean and light. The triangular shape often used to brand the collection repre- sents the construction of the scent – with a base note, middle note and top note.

The collections are developed drawing from a wide range of inspirations. Ele- ments incorporated are always present in our direct surroundings, including musical, contemporary art, film and architectural references. Odeur embraces such open interaction through its uni-sex and multidisciplinary approach to- wards design.

Today Odeur is designed by Petter Hollström and Gorjan Lauseger and has spread to over 20 countries, selling clothing, jeans, outerwear, footwear and accessories. From 2013, the newly conceived, effortlessly clean quality accessory line Odeur Artefacts, have been added to the brands portfolio.


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