There are those turns that you take suddenly
There are those uprising that you can’t repress
There are those fights that you lead against everything There are those legions that move forward without turning back

We are two,we are Women
We take the road we know meandering
It is time to be what is sleeping in our soul Twist,martyrise the iron with the facetious hand

Under the colourless mists of our tortured minds Black is the oxidised silver,raw is the material Dark is the harmony with strange unleashing Scratched like a skin that comes back from war

Then deliver the reins to those who dance impassive On the edges of the crimson black city
Forge together an invincible legion
To be stronger when the collapse day is coming




LEGION PARIS.The resulting encounter between two skilful and unconventional individuals unveils a line of unisex jewellery.

Stemming from the ancestral knowledge of fine arts and craftsmanship,each jewellery piece is entirely handmade in the brand’s Parisian workshop.

The different shapes of pendants,chains,earrings,bracelets,rings or brooches were born from a fine silver manufacturing.Each piece is unique,singularly outlined by soft hammer hits ad sharp raised lines.

The brand launches it’s first collection,which radiates with an energetic quality,taking root in a dar,rock n roll atmosphere.

Hitting the sweetsop of personal and transcendent,
LEGION PARIS is breaking the rules of old fashioned manufacture.


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