Barbara Bologna is an Italian-born Sculptress and Body Art Performer who after graduating from the «Accademia di Belle Arti» in Brera  Milan in the year 2000 has gone on to create her own clothing and accessories line : AREA .

In the following years deepened her with some master-classes at the IED-Milan, continuing the work of art as a performer before ,and after theater director, and at the same time, she raising the clothing line AREA.

Barbara’s work is inspired and driven by both the worlds of art and music . She is influenced by intense , revolutionary and sometimes transgressive visionaries from both worlds ( like Pina Baush, Marina Abramovic, Vanessa Beecroft,, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Nick Cave,Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison)

She uses the position of «Fashion Designer» ( a term she feels to be reductive ) as a route to discover her personal artistic freedom and create art from her soul. She feels her designs are «containers full of artistic substance, sealed by my soul and by all the things that I am» .
She intends every collection to be «a strong/sweet stream that flows from within a diagonal cut made on the skin of every person that comes in contact with it»

For this reason she is fiercely independent and operates outside the usual «fashion» rules choosing to collaborate with only those that she feels to be part of her evolving creative family. «A family in which I create…in which each one of us creates because we share the same way of feeling»

«Area is my space, my emotional/perceptive and physical place in which I find art, fashion, music and theatre…the place of those who are able to feel the rest through the dress.»-(Barbara Bologna-)

The centre of creation is that the dress is revealed in a moment, as in a photographic process ,like a image , it is revealed at the same time .As well as all the choices about clothes .. from the shape, to the fabric, to finishing .. comes to light simultaneously.

All these visions are realized, by Barbara and her team, with a thoughtful and unique research, always innovative, of high quality materials, (often unique to the line AREA) as well as the manufacturing and all the details are made together with several Italian artisans who are part of the AREA universe..
Clothes that come from the soul, and pass through the hands- hearts and knowledge of expert Italian workers.


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